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Jul 01 2011 - 04:21pm
AskBot & Django Python Open Source Discussion Forums
Researching on several different Django Python open source discussion forums for Edfluences, the team narrowed down on AskBot. Askbot is an interesting system, but with a lot of unneeded functionalities. We realized we would have to spend a lot of time in customizing Askbot for Edfluences, so we decided to not integrate it with Edfluences. Moving forward, If you know of any other basic bones (really simple) open source discussion forums built in Django Python or have any ideas on how you would like your discussion board to be (as an instructor or as a student), please give us your Feedback. Here are the main features of Askbot: 1. Askbot is an open source project, easy to fork on github and very easy to use. There are email and RSS notification options, so you can be informed when someone answers your question or posts a new question. 2. A very interesting feature we found was the Q&A wiki model: you can edit both your question as well as your answer and the edits are shown as revisions on the page. 3. There are badges to reward and incentivize people to contribute. However, currently the badges make less sense and would have to be adapted, if used in an educational setting. 4. There is a social media element to Askbot, so you can share your question on Twitter and Facebook. 5. Askbot is a very active community so there are always people to help you with plugging in Askbot to your system.
Posted in: Work Progress|By: Megha Agarwala|3301 Reads