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Jun 12 2011 - 07:45 PM
Twitter Hashtag #onlinelearning #mschool
I came across this article in NYTimes on the use of Hashtags on Twitter and how they are interpreted and used by its users. Hashtag was not a feature originally introduced by Twitter. It was introduced by Chris Messina, a developer advocate at Google to introduce two friends over email. He wil just use #introduce in the subject of the email and later he started using it on Twitter and then it snowballed. The article goes on to explain how marketing companies are using it and emergence of Hashtag Mafia, people who flash one another the hashtag sign. How is this related to Education and how can we leverage this? One of the features I thought of for the course platform of mSchool was to use hashtags to make the courses more dynamic. Here is how it will work - anyone who creates an online course will be able to add resources to their courses using hashtags. For example, if I create a 'C programming course' , I wil be able to add hashtag #programming to my tweets related to programming and all the links in those tweets will be automatically added to my course. One of the problems I have seen with online course delivery platforms is that they require a lot of effort from teachers to create and maintain courses. And they are not updated over longer periods of time. I think methods like adding resources via twitter, email and other social networking sites will make those courses more dynamic and related to the current events. These methods might also help get the unconventional teachers (I couldn't find a better term for people who are not teachers but are willing to teach) to create courses since they won't have to spend hours creating and maintaining their courses. Will you use such a feature to share knowledge and teach?
|By: Ankit Ranka|2579 Reads