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Apr 04 2011 - 07:08pm
Visualizing Mathematics in the YouTube Era - Live Blog
This is a live blog entry for the TC Colloquium Event, "Visualizing Mathematics in the YouTube Era". The event's abstract is as follows: Advances in computer graphics have provided mathematicians with the ability to create stunning visualizations, both to gain insight and to help demonstrate the beauty of mathematics to others. As educators these tools can be particularly important as we search for ways to work with students raised with constant visual stimulation, from video games to MTV. We will explore these ideas and take a tour of elegant visualizations of high level mathematical ideas. For an in-depth case study, we will examine "Möbius Transformations Revealed," a short film that illustrates the beauty of Möbius Transformations and shows how moving to a higher dimension makes them easier to understand. After winning an award from the National Science Foundation and Science magazine the video went viral, with unexpected and entertaining results as YouTube users discovered the visual allure of mathematics. The live blog content can be found in the comments.
Posted in: Technology|By: Stephen Pratt|6961 Reads