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Mar 22 2011 - 01:54pm
EdLab D&R Weekly Meeting Feedback
During today's D&R meeting, Daniel and I presented The Teachers College Curriculum Studies Program. The project is a collection of curriculum related materials from all 50 states and US territories such as Guam and Puerto Rico. Our goal at the meeting was to solicit feedback from the team on how we might be able to market the project at Teachers College and beyond. The files currently sit in PocketKnowledge. Below are some of the ideas generated by the groups at the meeting: 1) How to market the project to TC and organizations outside TC? - Having a sorting option for user so users can sort on their own preferences in PK. - Make curriculum material available to google books - Cataloging Record, EDUCAT (put a link to PK) - Connect to the Hathi Trust - Change title to make it more attractive (include United States in the title) - Organizing the curriculum materials by subject area instead of states - Historical Researchers (Historians, Researchers) - Aim at educators ( High School and Middle School) - Identifying organizations that might need them (Historical Societies) - Publish papers to online journals and conferences - Market as a data lab and make it available to all 2) How to connect it to other Edlab projects? - Advertise on Vialogues (demo and promo videos for PK) - Ebooks on Vialogues - UFR & LFS, create a specific pocket just for UFR - Add to Edlab project page - Posting session at PBS teaching symposium - Publish and connect to contemporary issue - Library Education Program - Blogging
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