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Jan 06 2011 - 12:40pm
Website Story
A while ago I posted on the beautiful and clear ReprintMe. Ankit perspicaciously commented on the great flow of the website. And that's its great strength: the site is structured as a story made up of short paragraphs, punctuated by images, that moves forward at a pleasant pace as one scrolls down. It's a website story. This is the same strategy folks at 37signals use for their websites, and, differences in media aside, their books follow a similar narrative rhythm. Nike Better World Today, I discovered another great example of this strategy for web design: Nike's Better World. I think this approach would work well for an EdLab website, or even as the logged out home page for tools that need significant introduction to new users, like Vialogues, Pressible and Edfluences.
|By: Gonzalo Obelleiro|2394 Reads