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Nov 09 2010 - 02:13pm
Idea for the 3rd floor gallery space
Over the past few weeks, I have been in conversation with Brian and Andrew about new directions for the M. W. Offit gallery space on the third floor. We quickly agreed on a few things that we want to see happen: optimize the space for display of digital content; develop and experiment with data visualizations, and feature original educational research produced at the college. Based on that, we came up with an idea for a program which we are very excited about. The idea is to bring in artists to generate data visualizations on research produced at the college. We can work with the visiting artists in selecting compelling data sets and envisioning strategies for displaying the data on the third floor. The intention is to make this an ongoing endeavor in which EdLab designers are fully involved, everyone at the Lab invited to participate and where the efforts in developing data visualization strategies are cumulative both technically and stylistically. The outcome of each collaboration between an invited artist and the EdLab would be a set of visualizations for the third floor gallery space. This might include finished versions of original research data visualizations, documentation and commentary on the design process. The final piece of the puzzle will be a strategy for wider distribution of the finished visualizations. There are publications like the New York Times and GOOD Magazine that are interested in both education and data visualizations. Perhaps we can collaborate with education journalists in various media outlets to distribute our visualizations and create channels to continue developing the program.
|By: Gonzalo Obelleiro|1415 Reads