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Aug 23 2010 - 03:44pm
EdLab Review: Vook
Vook is a new reading app that brings together books, videos, and the internet to form one complete experience. Founded in 2008 by internet entrepreneur Bradley Inman, Vook has served as a tool where different varieties of media are combined to promote smart books to a higher level of technology. For example, you can read a book, watch videos, and connect with authors "without switching platforms." Vooks come in two formats: an application on the web, whereby you can read on your computer or an application for a mobile device such as the I-Phone, I-Touch, as well as the I-Pad so you can read anywhere or on the go.  Pros: Vook gives publishers a different platform where they can combine books and videos into one for a better experience without going to a major publisher. Features like the "Table of Contents" make the app easy to navigate while the ability to adjust font size and share to emails and your social networks (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) makes Vook easy to use. In the case of the I-Pad, the internet is not needed for the application to be accessed so users who don't have internet access can utilize it. Cons: You have to pay for every for every platform that Vook is installed on. For example, if Vook was on your I-Pad and you want to to install it to your I-Phone or I-Touch, you have to pay for each installation. Being that Vook can be installed on the I-Pad, I-Phone or I-Touch, there can be potential distractions with other apps while using Vook. Bottom Line: Overall, Vook is a great tool which can can enhance the reading experience by including the use of media. Publishers can combine book materials as well as videos into their publication. Vook can also be a great way for students and teachers to communicate and share topics about a particular book as well as an educational video.
Posted in: EdLab Review|By: Johnson Asase Jr|992 Reads