Aug 05 2010 - 09:42am
Talking Back to Back Talk: Google Places Reviews
According to an article in yesterday's SearchCap, the daily newsletter of Search Engine Land, Google is going to allow businesses the opportunity to respond to reviews on Google Places. Google Now Lets Businesses Respond To Reviews On Places. I immediately hightailed it over to the Teachers College, Columbia University Place and found that the single review links to an article in TimeOut New York about free psychological help. Excuse me? Anyway... apparently the Gottesman Libraries is just waiting for a place to happen. SearchCap also linked to an article on buzzmaven that I think is useful for anyone who has to respond publicly or privately to user feedback: 15 Tips for Responding to Google Place Page Reviews: 1. Never be defensive about negative reviews.... 2. Never write responses to negative reviews when you're mad.... 3. Remember that the response will be read by more than just the reviewer.... 4. Thank reviewers for their gift.... 5. Short and Sweet.... 6. Don't just take the issue offline.... 7. Don't get personal, even if they did.... 8. Set Ground Rules with Employees.... 9. No Gifts.... 10. Take Ownership.... 11. Nobody's perfect.... 12. Consider Having Someone review your response.... 13. Have some supporting content ready.... 14. There's not always a good response.... 15. Ask customers who feel the issue was resolved to go edit their review....
By: Frank Webster|1214 Reads