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Jul 30 2010 - 10:42 AM
The Best Way to Study Abroad
So, you're lounging in a park, in an orange tanktop and a cap, on a Tuesday. But you're in Paris, and you don't speak French. After drinking a soda, you really want to litter, but you have a hunch there's a sign that says "No Littering." Luckily, you have Fluensee, or Google Goggles, or both, on your phone, so you double check. Here's the catch: using your tech goggles doesn't help you really improve your spoken French. You want to point to the sign and ask your neighbor, "What does that say?" Right now, you would only have Mightyverse to help you. Mightyverse doesn't deliver video instruction, like video tutorials or language courses. It just (or rather, could) provides you with the phrases you want,when you want them. However, the site seems limited by the fact that content is not user submitted (all videos are shot in the SF office). Then again, the videos need consistency and speakers with top notch enunciation. Maybe some home-grown variation of this, paired with a resurrected Fluensee, could go places.
Posted in: Knowledge SolutionsEducation|By: Nathaniel Levy|1283 Reads