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Jul 20 2010 - 09:55pm
Everybody with iPhone 4's - Legal Free Tethering!!
If you have an iPhone 4, grab this app fast before Apple pulls it from the App Store. It's called "Handy Light" and costs $0.99. Although disguised as a simple flashlight app, it actually opens a proxy in the background - therefore it allows you to tether using the iPhone's 3G connection! Steps: 1. Download the before Apple pulls it 2. Create a network with your Mac by going to the Airport and selecting "Create Network" 3. Connect your iPhone 4 to your newly created network 4. Change your network settings on the iPhone to the following (by taping the arrow next to your network name) - SOCKS Proxy IP: Subnet Mask: 5. Go to System Preferences on your Mac and click Advanced 6. Click the Proxies tab and enter the following - SOCKS Proxy Server: Port: 1337 (the box doesn't say port, it's the one after the SOCKS Proxy Server box) 7. Check off SOCKS Proxy under "Select a protocol to configure" 8. Open the iPhone app 9. Select Blue, Yellow, then Red in order then tap the upper right hand corner of the screen (the screen should turn purple) You're computer is then connected to the internet through your iPhone's 3G service, for free!
|By: Jason Mariasis|25872 Reads