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Jun 20 2005 - 06:43pm
Human-Computer Interfaces
In thinking about the recent interest in design here on the blog, I thought I would take this opportunity to get feedback regarding your reactions to different ways of visualizing information online. Without delving into the particulars of this project (it is for the Pathways distance learning tool), I was wondering what your reactions are to the following: 1) Fluid Graphical Network: This is a Java applet network representation of the TCR content categories. Are you able to interact with graphical data such as this? Would you feel comfortable using an interface like this to create syllabi or individualized study plans? Could you see something like this as having a use, or are these types of things merely hyped-up nonsense? Are you able to easily get at the graph without downloading third-party products (like the JRE?) 2) Graphical Interface 1 or Graphical Interface 2: This interface can be expanded to include the types of drag and drop functionality as the first representation. Would you like to use an interface that is graphically rich or would you prefer a more... 3) Highly-Functional Interface: Which uses highly traditional Web navigation schemes (tables, columns, etc.) Which interface would you prefer? If you could create your own interface, which elements would you combine from the three presented (if any)?
Posted in: TechnologyWork Progress|By: Anthony Cocciolo|298 Reads