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May 07 2010 - 09:38am
Facebook Privacy Glitch
More controversy over Facebook privacy: Based on all the articles I've been seeing about these privacy-related issues lately, it seems the tide is really turning with regards to privacy online. I'm not saying there is weight to the whole 'information wants to be free' argument, but I also think that people who vehemently argue that all information has to be free and open on the web may just not want to deal with the very difficult and uncharted issues of privacy management on the open web. What seems to be happening is that as people start to figure out new and more useful ways to use the social web (e.g. finding out about potential employees or getting in touch with potential employers, instead of just putting pictures up for themselves and friends), the issue of privacy is becoming a critical question. For education-based tools, I think this means we do have to come up with some principles about what data is private and public, what the defaults are, and how we allow people to control the access to their data on the web and among different applications.
By: Faisal Anwar|2254 Reads