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Dec 21 2009 - 10:26am
The EdLab Review: Storybird
Storybird Tags: literacy, storytelling, collaboration, web 2.0 Price: free Overall 3.5 Design 3.5 Pedagogy 4 [The Good] It is a website for collaborative storytelling by children and families. A salient strength is that all the pictures on the website are high-quality, created by artists or professional children's book illustrators. Another strength is its collaborative function, through which children can create a story in a round robin fashion by writing their own text and inserting pictures, and choose to share their stories privately or publicly. [The Bad] One disappointment is the limited choices during story creation. As children's books move toward multimodal, this website only offers conventional pictures created by professionals instead of letting users to import their self selected or self-created pictures. Furthermore, the choices of fonts, colors, and sizes (of picture and text) as well as multimedia elements are not available. [The Bottom Line] Overall, it is a nice collaborative storytelling tool suitable for PreK-5 students. It gives children a special opportunity to use artistic pictures to collaboratively create a story together. All the to-be-selected pictures motivate their imagination and thinking in the creating process. Also, children learn multiple perspectives when viewing stories created by others who may use a similar set of pictures. However, because of the limited choices of personalizing the created story, this website is more suitable for children under secondary level.

Recommended use Public school teachers may use it with students in small groups to teach collaborative web writing. Also, it will be beneficial for students to learn multiple perspectives by sharing a similar set of pictures during their collaborative creation. Read Full Review
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