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Dec 10 2009 - 07:24 AM
Luke - Lucene Index Toolbox
While working with Apache Lucene (Lucene is an Open Source, mature and high-performance Java search engine. It is highly flexible, and scalable from hundreds to millions of documents) for indexing and searching purposes for the Article Recommendation Tool, I came across major difficulty in finding out the exact attributes corresponding to the data being Indexed. And, finally I came across Luke. Lukeuke is a handy development and diagnostic tool, which accesses already existing Lucene indexes and allows you to display and modify their content in several ways:
  • browse by document number, or by term
  • view documents / copy to clipboard
  • retrieve a ranked list of most frequent terms
  • execute a search, and browse the results
  • analyze search results
  • selectively delete documents from the index
  • reconstruct the original document fields, edit them and re-insert to the index
  • optimize indexes
This toolbox and specially its interface will make scrutinizing the indexed data faster and more interesting! "Luke, may the force be with you" :-)
Posted in: Knowledge SolutionsFYI|By: Pranay Dharmale|7067 Reads