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Aug 14 2009 - 12:09 PM
Trends in EdLab 8.14.09
As it's our last day, Calli and I thought we'd share a few "reflections" on our summer intern experience: Things We Wish We Knew on Day 1 -Don't bring a lunch on Wednesdays. Look forward to the falafel. -Do back stretching every day in order to avoid the "computer screen humpback." -Try to become a part of as many projects as possible. -Try to attend as many meetings as possible. -Cede all control of your life to Google Apps. Do not resist. -Learn how to beautify your blog. -Don't hesitate to provide feedback. Reasons We Don't Want to Leave -It's not often you find yourself working in an environment where you can genuinely say you like EVERYONE you're working with. -The fact that our duties did not include a single coffee run. -It's OK to use gchat here. -Willingness for the EdLab to throw parties for each EdLab event and accomplishment. -The trek up to TC allows for ample summer book reading. -The focus on "innovation" (even if we're not always quite sure what that means). -The many things we've learned as interns this summer. Thanks to all for a great experience! We really enjoyed working with everyone and wish you all the best of luck. We'll still be blogging here and there, but at least for now in the non-virtual world, so long!
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