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Jul 27 2009 - 10:47 AM
Trends in Ed 7.27.09
Democratic Think Tank Advocates for a "Kindle in Every Backpack" About a week and a half ago, the New Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) published a report recommending a government-funded education program that would allow every child in the public school system to receive a Kindle, or a similar eReader. The report argues that providing students with this type of technology would eliminate the need for paper textbooks and enable students to receive a more effective and dynamic educational experience. While the program would log initial costs of $9 billion (making its creation unlikely, despite the fact that the report's author boasts connections to the Obama administration), the report argues that after 4 years, the education system would save up to $700 million annually. Now, as reported in an article in eSchoolNews, educators are debating the merits of this type of proposal. Would a digitally-based system automatically create a more effective educational experience? Would this type of rapid allocation of technology cause more problems than it would solve?
Posted in: Trends in Ed|By: Rebekah Judson|2071 Reads