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Jul 08 2009 - 05:44 PM
Guerilla marketing for events
As the 'Grow what you eat' event approaches, the need to promote this event has been on our minds. In addition to grabbing the attention of students at Teachers College, how can we bring in the general public? Just from my first impression of TC, it seems that many students don't have an idea what EdLab is about, or that it even exists. So I think a little self promotion is necessary. As we think about transforming the workspace to be more inviting to visitors, let's think about some fun marketing ideas. I'll just throw out an idea that I have been researching a bit. Have you heard of spray chalk? During the Come out and Play festival this June, bicyclists armed with spray cans of chalk and stencils competed to claim and build bike lanes. What if we used our fancy new die cutting machine to create stencils advertising the EdLab events? Imagine this: you are walking to work and you notice an EdLab logo on the sidewalk. You didn't notice it the day before so it catches your attention. The next day when you walk by you see that in addition to the logo, there is a short note with a date, time and location of an EdLab event. Would you be intrigued? Would you check it out? There is a little mystery so it may peak some interest. A simple example An elaborate example
Posted in: EventDesign EventFeedback|By: Laurel Bybee|9380 Reads