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Jun 03 2009 - 05:31 PM
Buckminster Fuller's Design Science Planning Process
I was just checking out the Buckminster Fuller Institute website, and I noticed that they offer this program called the "Design Science Lab." Here's their description:
Design science is the comprehensive and anticipatory application of the principles of science to the creative design of solutions to the problems of society. It is a way of changing the world in preferred directions that is based on innovation and thrives on transparency.
And a visual: Design science is a process developed by Buckminster Fuller for "making the world work." I was interested to read about this particular design process, and to see the related graphic, because I've been thinking about how the EdLab might communicate its own process for developing new work. Perhaps most interesting to me is the way the graphic depicts the final stage of the process: after documentation, there's a process of communication and "thinking big." Fuller's utopian vision for humanity was definitely present in everything he did!
Posted in: Knowledge SolutionsFYI|By: Stephanie Hunt|15246 Reads