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Mar 28 2009 - 03:15 PM
Mobile Learning Resources
As a follow-up to the EdLab seminar on Mobile Devices in the Workplace, there were requests to provide some resources on mobile learning. If there is anything in particular you are looking for, feel free to leave a comment or contact me directly and I will be glad to assist. References A list of references for your use, generated from my dissertation. Mobile articles A site that a colleague and I post mobile-related news articles to. Takeaways Two key takeaways from the seminar (that are independent of your topic): 1 - Know your audience This can help with anything from designing relevant solutions to gathering useful feedback. If you know your audience, your chances of succeeding at a task exponentially increase. 2 - Focus on improving a process Many times, there is an idea that technology will improve a process. For example, "let's get everybody iPhone's and they'll learn better!" The focus should be on identifying a process deficiency and how this can be improved. Technology is often an answer to help improve a process. So, focus on improving the process first and the rest will come. Slides Also, the presentation slides: Nabeel
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