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Mar 02 2009 - 01:37 PM
Profile Vlog: James
Here's a vlog experiment that I've been working on (thanks James for being the guinea pig, and Gonzalo for helping with the intro!) The intent of the video is two fold: an introduction to a particular Edlabber(s), and a snapshot of some of the interesting work people are doing in the lab. While the production turnaround was rather quick (30 min shooting, a couple of days of editing/publishing) I think the short edits work to show an intriguing work environment with some fascinating stuff going on! I think it might be a relevant piece to have included in the "People" section of the blog. Please let me know what you think! What worked/didn't work? Would you want to be featured in this manner? How's the length? How might we change it up? (e.g. feature the person doing something outside the lab, etc.) Any/all feedback is much appreciated! Thanks for watching, and stay tuned!
Posted in: Feedback|By: Skye MacLeod|9508 Reads