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Feb 16 2009 - 02:09 PM
Trends in Ed, 2.16.09
Rethinking High School Over the weekend I was googling ed tech in relation to professional development for K-12 educators in NYC…questioning, to what extent did they make use of district-provided prof dev resources to collaborate online with their colleagues to improve their curriculum & teaching methods?…so on and so forth. Student achievement was also of an interest, since for some, their livelihood is now closely linked to students' performance on tests. Because this work was for a policy analysis/implementation class, I needed scholarly research studies, journal articles, and policy recommendation reports published by prominent think tanks. I found some including a study by TC Professor Ellen Meier and which Faisal blogged about yesterday. Still, there weren't many studies on integration of web 2.0 tools. Where then can I find some cases of innovative curriculum that are ‘documented'? Youtube. I came across this video introducing a new high school called NYCiSchool where students have 1:1 access to notebook. They also design their own curriculum and educators/administrators are real believers and practitioners of constructivist teaching. This seems like an interesting model-in-practice to monitor going forward. I'm just impressed that these students are so comfortable with self-directed learning in the context of a school. Academia 2.0 Here's more on directions of future schooling. We are already familiar with the emerging changes presented. Three years since this short documentary was created by a KSU student, it still leaves us to think about how we can design and implement relevant changes…
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