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Sep 20 2020 - 02:00 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 9/20/20

Happy Sunday! This collection of newspaper headlines from across the world take a look at how the Coronavirus has affected other countries. How these countries are and continue to deal with the pandemic in terms of schooling, job loss, and financial woes. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum. 

The West Australian Published in Perth, AU

Undetected virus cases

Since early March Australia has reported over twenty six thousand cases. New studies have revealed that as many as sixty thousand people could have unknowingly contracted the virus in July alone. Although these numbers aren’t proven, the possibility is enough for the Health Department to push for antibody testing to be available throughout the country. At the moment, antibody testing has only been offered to a select few thousands. Professor Elizabeth Garnder, lead researcher on the study says antibody testing is the footprint for not only a vaccine but to help ease restrictions across Australia.  

The Daily Mail Published in London, UK

Nurses on standby 

England began to lift restrictions for its citizens July 4th. Leisure travel, dine in restaurants, and salons all saw their doors open to the public. However, just over two months later a spike in cases has seen restrictions back in place in hopes to prevent a second wave. The head Nurse of the NHS Ruth May has reported due to funding from the government over six thousand international nurses are prepared to make the temporary move to the UK to help with the spread and control of the virus if needed. With nurses retiring at a rapid rate during this six month period, international recruitment for hospitals is at an all time high. Whether a second wave hits or not, May insists the NHS will be prepared. 

Calgary Sun Published in, Albert, CA

New testing methods

As children all across Alberta return to school, the number of positive cases in young people are rising. Primarily nasopharyngeal and throat swabs have been used to collect testing specimens from the back of the throat and nose, both of which are highly invasive. British Columbia announced school children showing symptoms of the coronavirus would be able to access a new test requiring children to gargle and swish saltwater in their mouth for about 20 seconds before spitting into a container. The test was proven to be just as effective as nasal and throat swabs. Over one million people have been tested in Alberta since March, the largest population falling between the ages of 40-55. With close to one thousand positive cases of young people since school has opened, officials hope these new testing methods will allow students to be tested easier, faster, and more effectively. 

The Gleaner, Published in Kingston, JAM

Rising cases

With a population of almost three million people, Jamaica has seen a total of sixty seven deaths. Over two hundred and three new cases have been reported. The tiny island nation only closed its borders for six weeks before opening back up to tourism. The Prime Minister believes the island has done everything correctly to combat the virus and is taking proper precautions for tourists wishing to come.   

The Press Published in Christchurch, NZ

Let us play 

As Auckland County government makes preparations to move down  alert levels, new cases could put this planning to a halt. Due to tracing officials were able to identity the first case was a male who returned to New Zealand from India on August 27, and had completed managed isolation, returning two negative tests. He later tested positive for Covid-19 after returning to Auckland. Seeing the viruses’ ability to appear after the two week quarantine period does have the government worried about moving too fast too soon. 


Symptoms of Covid, courtesy of Wikimedia

COVID Hospital, courtesy of By Alberto Giuliani - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Manage Symptoms, courtesy of Wikimedia


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