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Sep 13 2020 - 01:40 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 9/13/20

Happy Sunday! This collection of newspaper headlines across America take a look at how states all over the United States are tackling sports, from youth to professionals. With many schools opening the question of extracurriculars especially sports in both a school setting and club have been arising in abundance. There is no one size fits all solution as every state has been hit by the pandemic differently and have created solutions based on the severity they have faced. These headlines of daily news are courtesy of Newseum.

azcentral, Phoenix, AZ

It hurts our hearts

Two major districts in Arizona, Phoenix and Tolleson have both cancelled fall sports. While the rest of the surrounding counties have allowed fall sports to resume October 2nd, in line with when students will return for in person learning the two districts have decided against following the rest of the state. Students, staff, and parents have all voiced their displeasure and have organized peaceful demonstrations, but to no avail. The governing board has been strict in sports may only resume if the school district has been cleared for in person learning. 

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, IL

Revote to restart 

The Big Ten football conference voted to delay its football season. The vote left a lot of uncertainty, the season would be delayed with a possibility of being pushed back into the winter. A lawsuit was filed against the conference, in response voting decisions were revealed, with eleven of the fourteen schools voting for the delay. Another voting session is in the works as school presidents and chancellors discuss the safety of resuming with so many campuses in a limbo state. What medical thresholds must be reached before returning to sports? It is down to each individual college to decide if they would like to participate in a delayed season. 


The Journal News, Published in Westchester County, NY. USA

Fall sports become Spring sports

On Wednesday night, that football, volleyball, and cheerleading would all be delayed until the Spring. The news brought mixed emotions to many all over the county. The waiting game was finally over for those students and coaches anxious to see the fate of their teams, but the delay of the seasons with all teams having to wait six months before practicing brought about sadness. Seniors and those who play both fall and winter sports and will now have to choose between the two were left feeling angry. However, many felt relieved the sports were not being completely scrapped for the year and look forward to playing in a few months. 

The Columbus Dispatch, Published in Columbus, OH. USA

Resuscitated season 

Columbus City Schools suspended all extracurricular activities in mid August due to COVID-19 related concerns. However, as Ohio Public Health Advisory System reevaluated counties many have begun to “open” up again, one being Franklin County. Franklin County went from red to orange in the advisory system causing the suspension to be overturned and allowing sports to resume with strict guidelines in place. The schedule and amount of games look very different from last year, but players, parents, and coaching staff are absolutely thrilled at the chance to get back on the field. Football is much more than a sport to this community, one coach says. Players rely on scouting through their clubs for college offers, it's an escape not only from the pressures of schools and at home but now COVID related isolation as well. The good news could not have come at a better time for many.    

The Westerly Sun, Published in Westerly, RI. USA

Let us play 

Counties all across Rhode Island have delayed fall season sports to next year based on Governor Gina Raimondo’s mandate. Protests to allow sports to resume have occurred since the announcement, many stating that other states have allowed students to play and numbers have not increased. Thirty two states are currently playing high school football, Rhode Island, along with other North East states like Connecticut, Vermont, and Massachusetts have all decided to resume football in the spring. Although, protest continue to happen many doubt the governor will change her mind. 


Central practice, courtesy of Wikimedia

Big ten football championship game, courtesy of Wikimedia

Youth Camp, courtesy of Wikimedia


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