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Aug 29 2020 - 04:13 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 8/29/20

Welcome to the weekend news. These headlines primarily focus on the latest health news regarding coronavirus and particularly how it intersects with the fall semester for schools. A special news item details the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. As always, these headlines are courtesy of

The Daily Sun, Published in Flagstaff, Arizona

College Towns Growing Alarmed Over Outbreaks Among Students

Even as some states are improving in their statistics, college towns are proving to be hotspots. Mayors, governors and health officials are combating this by shutting down bars in areas surrounding universities. Some schools quickly reversed their decision to start in-person instruction after cases skyrocketed among students. Dorm life continues to be a concern as it could facilitate the spread of the virus.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Sacramento Bee, Published in Sacramento, California

California Governor Announces New COVID-19 Reopening Rules

In California yesterday, the governor introduced a new color-coded, four-tiered system to keep track of outbreaks and designate restrictions in each county. Counties are sorted by the percentage of cases that come back positive, as well as the number of cases per 100,000 residents. Currently most counties are in the most restrictive ‘purple tier.’ These plans mark a change from the previous ones which drew criticism for seemingly rushing reopening in the state. 

The Ledger, Published in Lakeland, Florida

Florida Medical Examiners Give Up Role in COVID-19 Deaths

In Florida medical examiners typically handle unnatural deaths as well as those in states of emergency. However the Florida Medical Examiners Commission recently voted to cede this work to doctors since the overload of cases was creating a backlog and delaying funeral homes which needed death certificates to proceed. 

The Pantagraph, Published in Bloomington, Illinois

Pandemic Shines Great Spotlight on Digital Divide

A 2018 report from the Federal Communications Commission showed that about 10% of rural Americans have no ability to get internet access. This year particularly, with the challenges presented by coronavirus, this inequality is highlighted. In areas where internet access is more difficult to obtain, there is a much lower census response rate. This is crucial since the census response is tied to how much federal funding an area receives. A program called Connect Illinois has dedicated $400 million to providing comprehensive internet access across the state.

The Baltimore Sun, Published in Baltimore, Maryland

The March on the Mall on the 57th Anniversary of ‘I Have a Dream’

Many events were held yesterday across the country to commemorate the 1963 civil rights march. In Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr.’s granddaughter gave a speech on the same spot he did that day. This year the focus was on police reform and the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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