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Aug 23 2020 - 03:50 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 8/23/20

In today’s news, many school districts around the world continue to monitor attendance, community feedback, and how kids are feeling as students return to class. The wide ranging responses to learning during the pandemic is proving to be a difficult and sensitive situation for school administrators, educators, families, and students. Read more from Sunday’s news roundup. Frontpage headlines were curated from Newseum.

Credit: Public Domain via Pexels

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Published in Atlanta, Georgia

Back to school: Disparity in reporting COVID cases and lack of universal reporting

At metro Atlanta school districts, disparities in coronavirus case reporting among staff and students has made it difficult to track the disease. The recent story by reporters Marlon A. Walker and Ty Tagami found that some districts still haven’t publicly announced the full impact of the pandemic in their schools, making it challenging for families to decide whether or not to send children back to class.  

The Journal News, Published in Westchester County, New York

New York's 'Big 5' school districts chart own COVID reopening. Here are their plans, for now

The five largest school districts in New York state—New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers—are assessing how to reopen in the fall. Three of the five have decided to continue conducting courses remotely for the fall, while Syracuse and New York are trying to find ways to host in-person classes for at least part of the week.  

Credit: Public Domain via Pikist

Fresno Bee, Published in Fresno, California

Fresno-area schools find ways around California’s COVID-19 watch list. Can they do that?

In Fresno, California, several private schools are opening up their campuses under the guise of day camps, despite the schools still being on the state’s coronavirus watchlist and ordered to remain closed. The state of California and most local public health departments do not have any regulatory authority or oversight of day camps, and therefore can’t deny a school from operating them, department health officials say.  

Sunday Star, Published in Toronto, Canada

What will living in a university dorm look like this fall? Health experts warn about possible COVID-19 outbreaks

Some universities in Canada are opening its doors to on-campus student living—and the rules and regulations are strict. Guidelines have included a 14-day self-isolation guide, no roommates, and no visitors. Residence halls are at lower capacity. Ryerson University and University of Calgary are reporting 30% occupancy, while other schools are expecting around 50% occupancy. Many universities in Canada are offering the majority of classes online for the fall. 

Daily Mail, Published in London, United Kingdom

It IS safe to go back to school: PM says failure to reopen is not an option

The UK’s chief medical officers are reporting to parents that children face an “exceptionally small risk” of contracting coronavirus in the classroom, according to a recent article in the Daily Mail. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is determined to reopen schools next month, and recently told union leaders trying to prevent reopening of schools that the country has a “moral duty” to resume class. 


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