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Aug 20 2020 - 02:20 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 8/20/20

Good afternoon! Here is the next installment of our daily news blog post, where we take a few headlines from Newseum’s collection and we give it back to you; the people:

The New York Times, Published in New York, NY

In Accepting Bid, Harris Warns U.S. is at Crossroads

With her formal acceptance to be Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris may prove to be the most consequential vice-presidential pick in recent history. Many believe that, if Biden manages to beat Trump, he won’t seek a second term due to his age. Kamala Harris would then take up the mantle of a Biden administration and be expected to lead an increasingly factionalized party. “That’s a lot to put on the shoulders of a person,” says Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA).

The Japan Times, Published in Tokyo, Japan

Party Merger Set to Bolster Opposition

With Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s poll numbers collapsing and a possible snap election on the way, two opposition parties, the Democratic Party for the People and the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, have agreed to a merger in the hopes of presenting a stronger, electorally viable opposition to the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been flagging in the polls since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic

The Boston Globe, Published in Boston, MA

Critics Say Teachers Unions Missing a Chance to Lead

Massachusetts’ largest teachers unions were able to mobilize its 140,000 members to delay the start of the school year, prevent state budget cuts to education, and get a number of school districts to open remotely. But critics argue that the unions’ focus on health and safety was a missed opportunity to lead the discussion on how students would actually learn this fall.

Haaretz, Published in Tel Aviv, Israel

Election Looms as PM-Gantz Talks in Deep Freeze

After a long struggle to form a government that resulted in three elections in less than two years, the coalition between Netanyahu’s Likud and Gantz’s Kahol Levan finally ended Israel’s political deadlock. Now, with no deal in sight between the two over the state’s budget, there is a real possibility the Knesset will dissolve on Monday and the Israeli people will be faced with yet another election.

Leaders of a tenuous coalition: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz

Los Angeles Times, Published Los Angeles, CA

Bay Area Fires Force Massive Evacuations and Pollute Air

Thunderstorms that began on Sunday, combined with a record setting heatwave, have started a massive wildfire in the San Francisco Bay Area that has resulted in tens of thousands of residents being evacuated, put 25,000 structures at risk of burning down, and caused hazardous smoke to pollute the sky.


Shinzo Abe, courtesy of Wikimedia.

Netanyahu and Gantz, courtesy of Wikimedia.


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