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Aug 15 2020 - 04:35 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 8/15/20

In today's news we have further updates on the dire situation with mail service and voting. Other stories regarding actions from the Trump administration involve FEMA funds and the border wall. On a happier note, tribal nations are getting creative with socially distant takes on their traditional powwows and libraries are helping students access internet for remote learning. As always, these news headlines are courtesy of

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Published in Fairbanks, Alaska

Postal Service Warns Alaska Voters

Letters went out to several states from the USPS, including Alaska, warning them that due to mail delays, mail-in ballots might not be delivered in time to be counted. Because of the geography and rural nature of the state, voters in Alaska have popularly used mail-in ballots even before coronavirus. Alaska’s primary election is on Tuesday and only about 43% of absentee ballots that the state sent out have been received so far.

Miami Herald, Published in Miami, Florida

Trump Wants to Use FEMA Funds for Unemployment Benefits During Hurricane Season

President Trump announced a series of executive orders after the House and Congress were unable to come to a consensus on a new coronavirus relief bill. One of the contentious orders will channel money from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency to cover unemployment benefits. This is particularly concerning to Floridians since this year has the highest number of hurricanes ever forecasted. There are worries that this move will leave FEMA’s disaster relief fund with not enough to manage a recovery if a large hurricane damages Florida.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Gleaner, Published in Henderson, Kentucky

Library Plans to Reopen with Mobile Hotspots for Checkout

The library in Henderson County, Kentucky will be opening at the end of August in tandem with the school system which will be operating via remote learning. The library is working together with the school to get students the digital books they need. The library will also be offering checkouts of hotspots with unlimited data and access to computers in the building.

Laredo Morning Times, Published in Laredo, Texas

Rio Grande Floating Border Wall Discussed

The Trump administration is now seeking contractors to build a ‘Buoy Barrier System’ to close off waterways along the Mexico-US border. This comes after the Trump administration has already built 275 miles of border wall on land to deter migrants. The Rio Grande makes up about two-thirds of the international border and the US Border Patrol recorded 66 drownings last year of people trying to cross it.

Chippewa Herald, Published in Chippewa, Wisconsin

COVID Put Powwow Season On Hold and Online

Due to coronavirus, many tribal nations have canceled their powwows this year which traditionally would be taking place right now during ‘powwow season.’ Instead, some participants are getting creative and posting videos of themselves online dancing or having food stands in their yards. There is also a new Facebook group called ‘Social Distance Powwow.’

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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