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Jul 18 2020 - 03:18 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 7/18/20

Today’s news items from around the work focus on the continuing efforts to fight discrimination and the virus. In particularly noteworthy news, civil rights champion John Lewis passed away yesterday. However, others are continuing his work. The New York Times profiles Assa Traoré, an activist in France. As always, these headlines are taken from

Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Published in Atlanta, Georgia

John Lewis Dead at 80: Outpouring of Grief for A Civil Rights Hero

John Lewis Rooted Deep in Alabama Soil

John Lewis, a key figure in the civil rights movement and a member of the US House of Representatives passed away yesterday. The Atlanta newspaper of his congressional district collected a number of tributes to him and well as a profile of his life’s work.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

The Independent, Published in Durban, South Africa

Fighting Hunger and Stress on Mandela Day

International Mandela Day takes place every year on July 18th, Nelson Mandela’s birthday. In South Africa Covid-19 has caused an escalating hunger crisis. To celebrate Mandela Day and help alleviate this situation, hundreds of chefs came together for a cook-athon to reach a goal of preparing 67,000 liters of soup.

Irish Times, Published in Dublin, Ireland

Irish Universities Lack Cash to Survive Beyond Short Time Frame

Universities in Ireland are facing financial difficulties and hoping for emergency government funding. Due to a new drop in international students, as well as unused student housing and cancelled events, schools have lost a large portion of their income. Additionally, they are in need of money to fund digital learning and other preparations to make the fall semester safe.

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

Boris Johnson Unveils Plan to Return England ‘to Normality’ By Christmas

Lockdown measures will largely ease up in England beginning August first. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is shifting the authority in closures to a local level. Nationally, indoor performances, leisure activities and close-contact services will reopen. However, local authorities will have the power to re-implement targeted closures as necessary.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

New York Times, Published in New York, New York

Fighting Discrimination a French Woman Becomes a Champion of Men

Assa Traoré, a teacher in France, founded an advocacy group in 2016 after her brother died in a French prison. She says that minority men in France are the most likely victims of discriminatory police violence and she feels that it is her duty to stand up for them. She and her group have organized some of the largest anti-racism protests in Europe with up to 20,000 people present.

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