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Jul 11 2020 - 10:58 PM
Daily News From Around the World 7/11/20

Hello everyone and happy weekend! Today’s news highlights come from papers across the US. As schools edge closer to the beginning of the fall semester we are seeing more questions of protocol arise for a safe learning experience amidst the ongoing pandemic. Federal money and politics continue to play into this, as well as in many other realms, particularly the upcoming election. As always, these headlines are courtesy of

Laredo Morning Times, Published in Laredo, Texas

City Mandate Bars Face-to-Face Learning

As the number of virus cases in Texas continue to swell, the city of Laredo has mandated that the fall semester in all schools, public and private, begin online. This decision goes directly against the Texas Education Agency, which is currently requiring all Texas schools K-12 to open for face-to-face education this fall. Regardless of how this contradiction may affect funding, the city says that their top priority is the health of their students and teachers. 

Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, Published in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Laramie County Sees Seven-Fold Increase in Absentee Ballot Requests From 2016

As many places across the country are reporting, Laramie County which contains the capital of Wyoming has had a significant uptick in the amount of requested absentee ballots which they will need to send. More than 25% of residents in Laramie County will be voting from home in this upcoming presidential election.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Baraboo News Republic, Published in Baraboo Wisconsin

Trump Issues School Threat

President Trump is strongly pushing for a full reopening of all schools this fall and is threatening a hold on funding in order to accomplish this. Various politicians and organizations are adding their voices to the debate. A mix of online and in-person learning seems to be the most widely desired option currently. Most are cautious of fully reopening before it is safe, yet there are side effects to keeping children entirely at home such as the lack of access to meals and socialization.

Bennington Banner, Published in Bennington, Vermont

Vermont Hopes to Avoid Evictions, Foreclosures, with $25 Million in Housing Aid

Vermont is setting aside $20 million from their $1.25 billion in federal coronavirus aid to go to assist renters and $5 million to assist in mortgage payments. The state’s housing agencies will begin accepting applications from those who are behind on rent or mortgage payments on Monday. The government hopes to alleviate those who might otherwise be displaced, particularly as the weekly $600 federal unemployment boost ends after July. 

Daily Press, Published in Newport News, Virginia

Educators Rally Against Racism for Equity

A group of teachers and administrators in Virginia Beach have formed a group ‘Educators Unite for Equity and Anti-racism in Schools.’ They are pushing to recognize and fix some core issues in schools. Those particularly highlighted include administrators having lower expectations for students of color and these students also being underrepresented in the books and lessons taught. 

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