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Jun 27 2020 - 03:49 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 6/27/20

Hello all and welcome to the weekend! Here are some of the headlines today from newspapers across the United States. The focus of today is on schools’ plans for the fall semester and the direction of federal spending. As always, these headlines are taken from

The Anniston Star, Published in Anniston, Alabama

Alabama School Superintendent: In-Person Classes to Return in Fall

Public schools have been closed across Alabama since March, but they expect to re-open for the fall semester. Individual districts will have the authority to determine the specifics of what measures their schools will take. However, across the state, parents will have the option to keep their children home for online learning if they choose. So far, nearly 15% of parents have opted for continued remote learning for their children, namely due to underlying conditions. 

Arizona Daily Star, Published in Tucson, Arizona

Appeals Court: Trump Illegally Diverted $2.5 Billion in Defense Funds to Build Border Wall

The wall along the southern border of the US with Mexico is already under construction. However, a federal appeals court has determined that the money was illegally taken from the Department of Defense's budget. Congress approved for the money to be spent on military needs, but the judges say that the construction of the border wall does not fit this description. The Trump administration will appeal the decision. In the meantime, construction will be allowed to continue due to a Supreme Court ruling last month which allowed for the money to be spent while the case makes its way through appeals. Many are in opposition to the wall, including the Sierra Club which cites environmental damage and the California Attorney General who criticized unauthorized seizure of taxpayer money as particularly corrupt during a time of high unemployment and financial struggle. 

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Daily Camera, Published in Boulder, Colorado

Climate Controlled Tents One Possibility for Learning

At University of Colorado at Boulder, officials have announced that there will be in-person learning for the fall. However, they are working to mitigate any safety issues which this may pose. The possibility of open-air or climate controlled tents has been proposed as a way to create more spaces so capacity can be reduced in all areas. Additionally, the school is sorting students into dorms based on the classes they are taking so they will be exposed to a much smaller pool of people. 

The Garden Island, Published in Lihu’e, Hawaii

Legislature Tags $90 Million for Covid-19 Screenings

Hawaii state legislature has allocated $90 million in order to take measures to screen people in the islands' five major airports. Tourism is vital to Hawaii’s economy and they are taking steps to ensure the safety that will be necessary for visitors to return. The money will be used to build testing rooms, install thermal screening cameras at all gates, create online portals to track passenger health and pay for the labor of health professionals on-site. 

The Daily Times, Published in Farmington, New Mexico

Navajo Nation Council Approves CARES Act Bill

The Navajo Nation has received approximately $700 million from the federal government for coronavirus relief to the hard-hit community. Currently, the tribal council, led by President Johnathan Nez, is drafting legislation to allocate the funds. So far, $55 million of the total has been designated for direct relief in the form of measures such as ones that send money to tribal hospitals, improve computer capabilities for tribal members working from home and create care packages of necessities.

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons


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