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Jun 11 2020 - 11:57 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 6/11/20

Good morning! Here are a few of today’s local, national, and international headlines courtesy of Newseum

Montgomery Advertiser, Published in Montgomery, AL

Monumental Task? Dropping Confederate Names From MPS Schools Involves Long Approval Process

The President of the Montgomery County Board of Education intends to remove Lee High School’s statue of General Robert E. Lee permanently as well as rename three of the district’s high schools—Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and Sydney Lanier—however, the process involved will take at least four months as a result of Alabama’s Memorial Preservation Act in which waivers must be submitted to an 11 member board for approval. Since the act was signed in 2017 no waiver has ever been submitted until now.

Statue of Jefferson Davis outside of Alabama’s State Capitol

The State, Published in Columbia, SC

SC Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Harrison Conviction

The South Carolina Supreme Court will decide whether to overturn a grand jury verdict convicting former South Carolina State Representative Jim Harrison of misconduct in office and perjury. Harrison took $900,000 in bribes from a political consulting firm representing corporate clients in exchange for his influence as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. The jury was told that Harrison’s role as chairman gave him significant authority over nearly half of all state legislation.

Politico, Published in Arlington, VA

Democrats Locking Down Votes on Police Measure

House Democrats appear to have secured the 216 votes (including votes from some of their most conservative members) needed to push through their police reform package that they unveiled only a couple days ago. The House vote puts pressure on the Senate to act. Senator Tim Scott is currently designing the Republican police reform bill which is expected to be significantly weaker and less far-reaching than the House Democrats’ bill.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

The Guardian, Published in London, UK

UK Slump ‘To Exceed Other Rich Countries’

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predicts that among its membership the UK will be the hardest hit economy as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Britain’s economy is forecast to shrink by 11.5%, while France, Germany, and the US’ economies are expected to shrink by 11.4%, 6.6%, and 7.3% respectively. Countries with the strictest lockdown protocols are expected to struggle the most in recovering.

Haaretz, Published in Tel Aviv, Israel

German FM: Nations May Impose Sanctions, Recognize Palestine Over Annexation Moves

German Finance Minister, Heiko Maas, has warned Prime Minister Netanyahu that an annexation of the West Bank, scheduled for July 1, would violate international law and that Germany and the rest of the European Union might be forced to impose sanctions and officially recognize Palestinian statehood. Given Germany’s historical past, Maas stressed that he was not enthusiastic about the imposition of sanctions but that Israel’s actions were forcing their hand. On the issue of annexation, Netanyahu stated that “every realistic plan must recognize the reality of Israeli settlements on the ground, and not foster the illusion of displacing people from their homes.”


Statue of Jefferson Davis, courtesy of Ron Cogswell at Flickr

Speaker Pelosi, courtesy of Gage Skidmore at Flickr


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