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Jun 08 2020 - 11:00 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 6/8/20

As the protests continue around the country (and now the world), protesters are finally seeing traction against city governments. Today’s news stories focus on the unprecedented solidarity on display in the face of brutality and violent backlash. As always, all of today’s news stories are drawn from the front pages curated by

Black Lives Matter march in London, photo by Katie Crampton reproduced under CC BY-SA 4.0 License

USA Today, Published in McLean, VA

Emmett Till's lynching ignited a civil rights movement. Historians say George Floyd's death could do the same

As with the brutal murder of Emmett Till, George Floyd was not the first black person to be killed in police custody. However, both managed to shock an otherwise complacent nation into mass action. Hopefully, as with Emmett Till, the movement can keep its momentum and force necessary reforms through.

Seattle Times, Published in Seattle, WA

Man shot on Capitol Hill in Seattle after gunman drives car into George Floyd protest

A white man drove his car intentionally into the protest crowd in Seattle, before exiting the vehicle and trying to shoot the assembled protesters in what looks like an attempted act of terrorism. One protester was shot and admitted in stable condition to Harborview Medical Center. The attacker is in police custody but they have not released any information about him.

Photo of protests against the murder of George Floyd, by Lorie Shaull reused under CC BY-SA 2.0 License

Los Angeles Times, Published in Los Angeles, CA

After the death of George Floyd, where does Minneapolis, its police department — and the country — go from here?

As protests continue around the country, the Minneapolis City Council debates what to do with their embattled, increasingly entrenched police department. Emblematic of the issues created by departmental culture is that Chauvin, the officer who killed Floyd, had been investigated 17 times in his career, but only disciplined once. Because of repeated failures by the department to punish bad actors, protesters have been pressuring the city to follow in the successful footsteps of Camden, New Jersey and disband the current department and replace it completely from the ground up.

Miami Herald, Published in Miami, FL

‘How could you not speak up?’ Floyd protests are drawing a diverse slice of Miamians

One aspect of recent protests that organizers have remarked on is how diverse and young the crowds are. And this diversity is not just across ethnic lines, but also economic. The protests represent a significant cross-section of America.

Chicago Tribune, Published in Chicago, IL

George Floyd fallout: After weekend of peaceful marches in Chicago, groups want to meet with mayor, top cop on changing police strategies for reducing violence

Peaceful protests continue in Chicago, and police have bowed to pressure and removed  curfews this week. Community groups will be meeting with Mayor Lightfoot and police leadership to push for more effective violence reduction programs as summer approaches. 


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