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May 27 2020 - 12:00 PM
Daily News From Around the World: 5/27/20

Today’s daily news focuses on the information war that evolves during the pandemic, both in fighting the virus and in fighting malfeasance and profiteering off of the suffering. As always, the stories are drawn from the front pages curated by

Photo by LoboStudioHamburg, courtesy of

LA Times, Published in Los Angeles, California

Democrats plot a counterattack on disinformation in hopes of taking back the White House

As the campaign to defeat Donald Trump gears up in earnest, many Democrats and aligned activists are trying to overcome the sophisticated disinformation campaigns that are already being deployed. One tactic being tried is recruiting persuadable voters to encourage them to discuss disinformation with their social circles, as the vitriol of online discourse can often make undecided voters confused and skeptical of the truth. Another tactic being used is recruiting influencers as communicators to help campaigns message more effectively on social media.

Austin-American Statesman, Published in Austin, Texas

Masks spark public judgment, ridicule among customers as businesses reopen

Individuals who choose to ignore CDC guidelines and forego mask wearing in public are facing public ridicule and censure. To avoid conflicts between mask-wearing patrons and those who refuse to, some stores are actually handing out masks and refusing entry to those who refuse even when not mandated by local guidelines. Also troublesome is that mask usage seems to be dividing along political affiliation, making hostilities even more fraught.

Miami Herald, Published in Miami, Florida

Trump threatens social media after Twitter fact-checks him

President Trump threatened - despite dubious constitutionality - to retaliate against social media corporations for fact-checking his Tweets. In doing so, he doubled down on the offending comment he had previously tweeted (namely the brazen and false assertion that mail-in ballots increase voter fraud). Trump allies are also attacking individual Twitter employees for attempting to enforce site rules.

Boston Globe, Published in Boston, Massachusetts

In crush of data and analysis, one key is missing: Who is getting tested?

With Massachusetts reopening, concern now drifts to the monumental task of expanding testing and tracking to meet the need presented by increased social interaction. An additional, growing concern for local health officials is that state officials are not effectively communicating testing numbers about their communities back to them. It means that the frontline decision makers are having to make those decisions in the dark in a lot of cases, which greatly raises the threat of a resurgence.

Nashville skyline by Paulbr75, courtesy

The Tennessean, Published in Nashville, Tennessee

As pandemic bore down, Rep. Phil Roe snatched up Zoom shares, unloaded stock in cruise lines

Utilizing privileged information due to his role as a Congressional representative, Phil Roe engaged in hundreds of illegal trades. With foreknowledge due to confidential information, Roe dumped cruise line stock and bought up massive quantities of stock in Zoom and medical R&D. An official investigation into this financial behavior is underway.


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