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Sep 13 2019 - 12:11 PM
Hui Soo's Fall 2019 HUDK4052 Rhizr - Documentation of my learning for Data, Learning, and Society

Week 1 - Bio & Reflections

Here is my Bio and Pic

Reading Reflections: Agile Scrum Takeaways

Week 2 - Reading Syntheses

Reactions to the Articles on Individual Data

My thoughts on Project 1 (so far)

Additional Resources on Individual Data

Week 3 - Reading Reflections

What does privacy mean to me?

Summary of Griffiths (2016)

Summary of Vincent (2016)

Reflections on Burns (2017) an Zuboff (2019)

Proect 1 Personal Retrospective

What's working?

What could be better?

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