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Jun 21 2019 - 09:06 AM
HUDK 4011 Fall 2018 Anna Lizarov's Project 4 - Documentation


Friday, Nov. 16

  • Getting everyone's contact information

  • Filling in Graig on the project

  • Brainstorming on ideas.

Tuesday, Nov. 20

  • Adding on to the information provided to Graig

  • Voting on which idea is the best and doable

  • Reminding that the comprehensive plan is due to Nov. 26

  • Proposing a video meeting on Google Hangouts

  • Agreeing on the data for the video meeting.

Monday, Nov. 26

  • Emailing the comprehensive plan, the team name, and the names of the team members to Gary and Hui Soo

Monday, Dec. 10

  • Sent the revised component P of the comprehensive plan to the group members
  • Submitted the revised component P of the comprehensive plan
  • Submitted the revised comprehensive plan

Thursday, Dec. 13

  • Submitted the link to the online learning opportunity

Video Meeting on Google Hangouts

Sunday, Nov. 25

  • Discussing the topic
  • Writing the comprehensive plan
  • Discussing how to divide the tasks
  • Agreeing to come to Nov. 30 optional session


Friday, Nov. 30

  • Changing the topic of the project by combining elements learned in class
  • Revising the comprehensive plan
  • Dividing the work

Thursday, Dec. 06

  • Speaking with Abdul about the progress of the online learning opportunity and what nodes can be added

Tuesday, Dec. 11

  • Discussed with Abdul the progress of the online learning opportunity and nodes that should be added
  • The group members have been communicating with each other throughout the duration of the project with the use of group text messaging

Comprehensive Plan

Friday, Nov. 30

  • Writing the new comprehensive plan (components A-E)
  • Working on components H, L, N,¬† N, and O of the comprehensive plan

Sunday, Dec. 09

  • Revising part p of the comprehensive¬†plan
  • Revising the whole comprehensive plan
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