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Jan 27 2009 - 10:23 PM
Data Mining, the Obama Campaign, and Efficiencies in Education Research
Barn Raisers. That is the demographic that we can thank for the election of Barack Obama to the Office of the President. So what is a Barn Raiser you ask? Check out this article from Business Week to find out. The piece titled, "What Data Crunchers Did for Obama" underscores the central role that data and microtargeting played in the Obama campaign. In that vein, EdLab's Development & Research team has been working to figure out how to use data mining techniques to learn more about learner behaviors (e.g., information seeking habits). Pranav, Professor Natriello, and I recently submitted a paper abstract to the Computing, Communications, and Control Technologies (CCCT) Conference titled, "Developing Web Analytics to Evaluate Online Educational Resources." By mining data from the Teachers College Record, the Gottesman Libraries website, the Teaching the Levees website, and other EdLab assets, we hope to generate a useful set of analytics for assessing the educational value of these digital resources. If anyone has read anything in the literature about data mining (outside of Anthony's dissertation and our published PocketKnowledge studies) in the education domain, please share them as a reply to this post.
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