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May 22 2020 - 11:43 AM
Daily News From Around the World: 5/22/20

As we head into yet another weekend under lockdown, today’s news selection is a collection of evolving stories throughout the US.  Even if lockdown seems interminable, evolving news stories hopefully help remind us that this present must inevitably change. As always, Daily News headlines are curated from the front pages on

Golden Gate Bridge photo by Pexels, Credit courtesy of  

San Francisco Chronicle, Published in San Francisco, California

Bay Area getting better at buying personal protective equipment, but nurses still feel vulnerable

Two months into the pandemic, San Francisco is only now starting to resolve supply chain issues in acquiring personal protective equipment for medical professionals. These ongoing problems represent significant danger for emergency responders in the city. Nurses in many places are still reusing respirators and gowns.

Wisconsin State Journal, Published in Madison, Wisconsin

Pandemic politics: Maskless Trump visits Michigan Ford plant

President Trump toured a Ford Motor Company factory in Wisconsin to tout his administration’s handling of the present crisis while on the home turf of one of his most vociferous critics. Notably, Trump was the only person present who refused to wear a mask, earning condemnation from the Wisconsin Attorney General for his flagrant refusal to follow the law. He also criticized the safety measure of expanding access to absentee ballots, falsely claiming against all available evidence that it was an intentional attempt to engage in voter fraud.

Hurricane Dennis photo by 12019, Credit courtesy of

Times-Picayune, Published in New Orleans, Louisiana

2020 hurricane season is showing these signals of being more active, NOAA says

As though it was something the Gulf states needed, NOAA predicts that 2020 will be a uniquely active year for hurricanes. The recent tropical storm appearing earlier than usual was a portent of this trend, and it’s only going to get worse. Compounding the problem is the ongoing pattern of climate change making weather more severe alongside rising sea levels making surges more devastating.

Baltimore Sun, Published in Baltimore, Maryland

Lockdowns, strict measures making life difficult for Maryland prisoners. But are they keeping them alive?

Inmates in Maryland’s prisons are facing unbearable conditions, including constant lockdowns, filthy cells, and severe limitations on outside contact. Maryland prison officials insist that all the measures they're taking are necessary, pointing to the uniquely low death rate among their incarcerated population. Despite this, medical care remains of questionable quality and testing is insufficient, according to advocates for inmates.

Boston Globe, Published in Boston, Massachusetts

Lack of coordination in reopenings could lead to more coronavirus spread, spillover between states

An MIT study published recently established a correlation between adherence to social distancing measures and contact with individuals who are following them.  Because of this, concerns are being raised about the piecemeal nature of reopenings. Even where appropriate, it can lead to individuals in other, less-contained locations breaking protocols during ongoing lockdowns.


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