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Oct 26 2011 - 01:08 PM
Meet Shevawn!!!
Hello Everyone!!!  I'm Shevawn, the Gottesman Library Services Desk Trainer!  I've been working here at the library for 2 1/2 years and am responsible for teaching all new library hires most of what they need to know to be able to serve our patrons as best as possible.  I say most because we can never fully prepare for the range of questions and situations we actually encounter here at the services desk, since the needs of the population we serve are ever changing.  But we do our best!!! Here's a little more about me... Are you a Teachers College student, and, if so, what are you studying? I am a TC Alumni.  I completed my first M.A. in Psychology in Education here at Teachers College in May 2010.  Currently, I'm working on a second M.A. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at CUNY - Brooklyn College, which I hope to complete in May 2012.  I think I'll be done with school after that, lol! Where’s your hometown? I was born and raised in the capitol of California - Sacramento - which is known as the "City of Trees" because Sacramento has more trees per square foot than any other city in the Nation!  Pretty cool huh? Your favorite meal? Hmmm... that really depends on my mood.  I have a favorite dish from almost every cuisine.  Right now, I'm chowing down on some Thai food - Vegetable Spring Rolls are one of my favs! Song you love no matter how many times you hear it: Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen.  It's a Karaoke MUST for me and my girls!!!! A country you’d like to visit? So many!  India, South Africa, Peru, Brazil, the South Pacific Islands, the list goes on and on.  I've only traveled abroad once and that was to Cancun for my honeymoon... on a resort... which totally doesn't count! What did you want to be when you grew up? Everything!!!  Which is why it took me so long to figure out what I actually wanted to do.  I must have changed my major at least 8 times!  But if I remember correctly, my very first career aspiration was to become a doctor because I absolutely loved my pediatrician.  She was funny and gave me stickers and hand stamps after giving me my shots, which always made me feel better.  But after finding out how long I had to go to school to be a doctor, I changed my mind, which is ironic because I've been in school now for longer than it would have taken me to become a doctor.  (Sigh) Oh well, it's all about the journey, right? What was your first job? A Courtesy Clerk (AKA "Bagger") at a supermarket in my home town - where I learned the importance of customer service with a smile. What has been your worst job? I once worked as a "Talent Scout" for some random company that claimed to guarantee success in the entertainment industry to those who agreed to pay hundreds of dollars to have a portfolio created.  My job was to go out to malls, clubs, and other public places and randomly walk up to people that I thought were attractive enough to make it in the entertainment industry and make them feel like they could be the next big star!  Oh, and the catch - I had to get at least 30 people to sign up and pay the money within a week before I could get a commission.  I worked there for about a week before finding out that it was a total scam and that there were literally thousands of complaints online about this company ripping people off.  I quit the next day.  Give me a break... I was young and naive... What has been your best job? Why, working here as a trainer, of course!!!  I really feel like I'm making a difference by helping so many people. What do you remember about your first day of school? That depends on which grade level we're talking about.  I think I have a mental block on anything pre-middle school... not really sure why... I may have to explore that in counseling.  But I do remember being terrified to start both middle and high school because I thought that I would be attacked by one of the older kids.  I remember being pleasantly surprised in both instances, mainly because my brother, who is a year older than me, usually helped break the ice by introducing me to all of his friends.  On my first day of high school, a girl that he knew immediately ran up to me squealing with laughter about "how cute James' little sister" was before proceeding to pinch my cheeks... that was actually a little embarrassing... A book you strongly recommend? Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, by Tony Hsieh A sport you enjoy playing (or watching)? I love playing all kinds of sports, although I don't have nearly as much time and energy as I did when I was in high school.  I played Basketball and Softball in high school and could pretty much pick up any other sport as long as I practiced.   I also explored tennis and soccer - I was quite the tomboy back then.  But I never really liked watching any sport... that was boring to me.  I preferred to be part of the action! TOP THREE…. …Best places to read? 1) The TC Library 2) A Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) 3) Starbucks COMPETE THE SENTENCE The strangest thing I’ve ever done was… Participated in a pageant - which may not seem so strange to most, but if you really knew me and the tomboy that I used to be at the time... pageants were a no-no.  I only did it to try and overcome my lifelong battle with stage freight.  It helped... a little. Most fascinating person I’ve ever met was... My grandmother - one of the strongest, kindest, and most humble individuals I know.