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Jul 15 2019 - 09:34am
Today in History: Twitter Launches
Twitter_PixabayLooking at the list of the most re-tweeted tweets tells us something about the culture and mindset of social technology; topping it is Japanese billionare Yusaku Maezawa who promised to give away 100 million yen ($924.3k USD) to 100 random individuals who followed his account and re-tweeted the tweet: ZOZOTOWN. (4.68 million re-tweets). Carter Wilkerson tweeted Wendy's asking how many re-tweets he needed for a year of free chicken nuggets (3.50 million re-tweets): HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS. These top two center around commerce, but the others cover politics (Barack Obama: Four more years. 0.89 million re-tweets; Hilary Clinton, "To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world." 0.67 million); media and film industry (Ellen DeGeneres. If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. 3.29 million); and much more.  Twitter allows users to post and interact with messages, breaking barriers to communication, at times monopolizing it -- used to tell only a short part of of story, thought, or need, selectively, in whatever manner the user chooses, for the reader to interpret. As an outreach tool for individuals, organizations, institutions, Twitter serves to inform, educate, stimulate, promote, incite, provoke. Today one of the world's leading social platforms, Twitter (originally known as Twittr) was launched to the public on July 15th, 2006. Co-founder Evan Williams and a team of engineers, including Jack Dorsey, prototyped the short messaging service inspired by bird sounds. Initially there was a 140 character limit for messages which later expanded to 280. By March 2007 more than 60,000 tweets were being sent per day, and by 2013, over 200 million users. The 2016 presidential elections saw unprecedented use of Twitter, with then candidate Donald Trump using it to announce policy and other political opinions. The following articles are drawn from Proquest Historical Newspapers, which informs and inspires classroom teaching and learning. Tip: Check out the Gottesman Libraries on Twitter. Images: *** Need to keep current, look to the past, teach a topic? The Everett Cafe features daily postings of news from around the world, and also promotes awareness of historical events from an educational context. Be sure to check the news postings on Learning at the Library, where you can delve into history.