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May 22 2019 - 10:07pm
Water to the Well: Education Program Spring 2019
‘I lifted the bucket to his lips. He drank, his eyes closed. Then I drank. It was like a feast of water. This was not ordinary food of course, but it might just as well have been. The sweetness of this water was born from the long walk under the stars, from the song of the pulley, and for the effort of pulling up that bucket. It made me feel good, made me happy, as a present does.’ -- Antoine de St-Exupéry, The Little Prince (Ch.25, p.71) In March the Library Services Team had the good fortune to present a year's worth of work, while experimenting with the world cafe, a conversation-based format utilizing 7 main design principles (setting context; creating hospitable space; exploring significant questions; encouraging everyone's contributions; connecting diversity of perspectives; listening for patterns and insights; and sharing collective discoveries). We explored different types of learning, preferred learning styles, and future possibilities in library services. Included in the backdrop of design was a Keynote presentation highlighting statistics, posters, blogs, and archival entries for the Education Program, our series of library-sponsored events --  talks, live musical performances, displays and exhibits, instructional offerings, and more -- whose goal is to inform students, faculty and staff about the latest thinking in education, in ways that engage members of the community with one another and with a broad range of educational experts. Village_Well_ZiegfeldLike a well to the village is the library to the college -- a focal gathering point. Members of the community come and share ideas, celebrate talents and achievements, and play a role in varied forms of teaching, learning and research; the 4 c's in our motto hold true: community, culture, collaboration, celebration -- allowing us to create that special space to quench the wide and deep interests of Teachers College. We can apply the wise African proverb, coined by Hilary Clinton, "It takes a village to raise a child". Thanks to the strength and engagement of faculty, students, and staff, the Education Program is thriving. Our co-sponsors include Arts & Humanities and Teachers College Press (book talk, In the Shadow of Authoritarianism, with Tom Fallace); Office of Career Development (continuing academic professional development workshops); Center for Chinese Education (film talk, Nankai: The Tale of a School); Colloquium in History and Education (book talk, Teaching Teachers, with James Lefty);  Center for Innovation in Teacher Education and Development - CITED (book and guest talks: Teaching Teachers, with James Lefty; Supporting the Development of Teachers in Schools, with Cornelius Minor); Dimon Center (book talk, Anatomy of the Voice, with Ted Dimon); Emotional-Social Learning Society (guest talk: Social Emotional Learning From Infancy to Adolescence, with Clancy Blair); Film and Education Research Academy (guest talk: Fantasy and Reality in Visual Media, with Ben Mensah and others); International and Transcultural Studies (film talk, Adelante); Anthropology and Education (guest talk: End of Year Celebration, with TC students); Institute for Urban and Minority Education (book talk: Education at War, with Arshad Ali); Office of Student Affairs-Office of Sponsored Programs-Office of Diversity and Community Affairs (series of workshops on the IRB, conference submission and presentation, grant funding); Student Advocates for the Arts (panel talks: Narratives + Perspectives and From Negative to Positive; and the TC Student Senate (workshop: New Year, New Plant). We welcomed authors, teachers, musicians, and artists from both inside and outside the College to participate in a diverse program supportive of the academic departments and the broader scholarly field. Highlights included events and offerings that connected not only to the history of Teachers College, but also to hot topics in education, psychology, and the applied health sciences. We reference, Nankai: The Tale of a School; several news displays (Olivia Hooker, Agnes Martin, Chang Poling, Margaret H'Doubler, Harold O Rugg, Grace Hoadley Dodge); Embodying Theory, with Elizabeth Bishop, former Director of the TC Peace Corps Fellows Program; Everett Cafe book displays (The Patriarchy, The Award Goes to Mis/Representation, and Teaching About Species -- curated by library staff and designed by EdLab. Instructional Offerings comprised library research workshops on continuing topics of relevance to the TC community, as well as onsite tours of the Gottesman Libraries, new sessions on postural movement therapy, with Joey Zimet, and collaborations with offices, cited above, for the Empower Hour and Academic Career Development programs. Self guided resources included the weekly Today in History blogs, and and other writings on Learning at the Library, updated workshop rhizrs, and databases highlighted each month -- concomitant with community programming: Educational Change (January), Nutrition Education (School Lunch Workshop with TC student Deborah Olarte, Learning Theater, February), Maker Education (FabLearn Conference, Learning Theater, March), Visual Research (Visual Research for Social Change Conference, Learning Theater, April), Alumni Resources (TC convocation, May). Staff Picks are staff-curated, themed collections that are displayed each month in the Reading Reading of the second floor: Artists' Books: Dimensional Stories, Jackie Duvall-Smith (January-February); (Her) Stories: Women's Memoirs, Lorraine LaPrade (March); A History of Economic Thought, Joseph Edwards (April); Labor, Rachel Altvater (May). These displays provide creative and informative insight into existing holdings at the Gottesman Libraries and serve to encourage reading of materials held in the curriculum, juvenile, and research collections. Live music featured ongoing performances by Rebecca Pu, Julianne Cary, Eliana Satterlee and Nico Lassig, Melissa Shetler, Wadsworth Strings, N Train, Shane Bordeau and Ray Patton, Laura Head, and TC vocalists who returned from the Fall to play in the Spring. We hosted Oakwood Underground, a special venue connected to the opening of Carolina Cambonero-Valera's exhibit and panel talk, From Negative to Positive. Solos, duets, and trios lit up the Everett Cafe and library atrium, as genres included Western classical music, Chinese classical, American folk, pop, jazz, and blues. People gathered to listen and applaud from the stairwell, as we witnessed a crowded entrance to the library! Exhibits ran continuously through the library. Knowing Together, by Rosalie Yu, featured in the Offit Gallery, through the end of February; Unleashing, over three days in January in Kasser; Victory, by TC alumna Nicole Avery, through mid-April in Kasser; and From Negative to Positive, depicting the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in Brentwood, New York, as a model for change and social justice, by TC Master's student, Carolina Cambronero-Valera, Offit, through May. We concluded the Spring Semester Education Program with a final performance by our longest-running, professional musical ensemble, Wadsworth Strings, who heralded in the lovely clarinet. We honored Grace Hadley Dodge, beloved  founder of Teachers College, through a special Everett Cafe news display. We ushered in tours for new students and now look to the brightness that summer holds, not unlike the joy of a colorful village wedding procession. It is both water to the well, and the well to the village, while the time we give to something makes it precious. Village_Wedding_Procession_Ziegfeld            
Education Program Spring 2019 Offerings Attendees
Talks 14 500
     Book 5 122
     Guest 6 187
     Film 3 191
Instructional 48 269
     Tours 6 26
     Workshops 16 243
     Online Discussions 1 n/a
     Self Guided 25 n/a
Live Musical Performances 14 n/a
Displays & Exhibits 116 n/a
     Special News 19 n/a
     Regular News 86 n/a
     Book Collections 7 n/a
     Installations - Gallery 4 n/a
Total 192 769