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Mar 15 2019 - 09:31am
Today in History: Ides of March
Assassination_of_Julius_Caesar_for_Historia_de_EuropaOn March 15, 44 BC, Roman politician, military general, and historian Gaius Julius Caesar was assassinated by many high-ranking Roman senators, including his protege Marcus Brutus. Caesar was for-warned with a handwritten note, which he did not read, as he entered the meeting hall adjacent to the Theatre of Pompey -- only to be surrounded by senators who brutally stabbed him, first in the neck by Servilius Casca and then by the others, around his head. His death signaled a turn in the history of the Roman Empire, triggering the Civil War and rise of Caesar's adopted heir Octavian, known as Augustus. A date on the Roman calendar, the Ides of March became associated with the death of Julius Caesar, but it was also tied to ancient religious observances, including the Feast of Anna Perenna, as well as the day when Romans typically settled their debts. The following articles are drawn from Proquest Historical Newspapers, which informs and inspires classroom teaching and learning. Tip: Image: *** Need to keep current, look to the past, teach a topic? The Everett Cafe features daily postings of news from around the world, and also promotes awareness of historical events from an educational context. Be sure to check the news postings on Learning at the Library, where you can delve into history.