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Jan 07 2019 - 06:10pm
With Blessings: Fall 2018 Education Program
Glen_of_Aher_ZiegfeldIn searching the Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art, I was drawn to the Glen of Aher, a colorful painting by Mary Hickey, 15 years of age, that she did at the Country National School, Ireland, sometime in the 1950s. This piece felt homey, positive, and welcoming, with its bright country cottage, grazing animals, and lush greenery. I later learned that the Glen of Aherlow is an historic valley in Tipperary where the River Aherlow flows between the Galtee Mountains and the Slivienamuck woods -- making it a popular holiday destination that welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Its focal point is the statue of Christ the King, erected in 1950, where a raised hand perpetually blesses the land and all who pass by. This Fall we ushered in the 2018-2019 Education Program with library-sponsored instruction, events, activities, exhibits and displays to warmly welcome our new students and bind our community in collaborative celebration of its many efforts and achievements. Since the program’s inception in 2004, we have been blessed by the gifts and talents of our member community, including student musicians, staff as teachers and visual artists, and leading faculty scholars. While Russell Hall services extend religiously beyond quiet reading areas and book stacks -- from traditional events to high-tech, design-infused activities in the fourth floor's Smith Learning Theater, which opened in October 2017, we are indebted to all those who come to experience the Gottesman Libraries. In coordination with the Office of Student Affairs, we hosted "Introduction to the Library",  an open house held with media, music, and munchies in the Smith Learning Theater, followed by brief tours -- and then a series of more detailed walking tours, allowing students to get better acquainted with physical space, resources and services. Also with OSA, we conducted a large session for doctoral students where we provided special advice to doctoral students via our rhizr on the advanced research process. Throughout the semester we offered high-demand research workshops and classes on the literature review, grant seeking, and cited reference searching. Other collaborations included a program of practical workshops for academic career development preparation with the Teachers College Office of Career Education and Professional Development, as well as the all-day, annual workshop with New York Foundling on child abuse prevention that used puppets to enact real-life scenarios. Special art-related workshops included the Myers-funded Knowing Together, with Rosalie Yu, and Succulent Painting, with the TC Student Senate. Book talks by Teachers College faculty included: Computer-Mediated Learning for Workforce Development, with Victoria Marsick, Dominic Mentor, and guests; With One Shot: Family Murder and a Search for Justice, with Dorothy Marcic; Classroom Cultures, with Michelle Knight-Manuel; and From Humiliation to Dignity, with Evelin Lindner. There were collaborations with Curriculum and Teaching (Forging the Ideal Educated Girl, with Sheila Khoji-Moolji; and the Department of Math, Science, and Technology; the Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design Program; the Media and Social Change Lab (MASCLab); and Teachers College Press, on It's Not About Grit, with Steve Goodman. Rosanna Rodriguez, Media Assistant for TC's Dean Hope Center, presented her first graphic novel, Those Two!, and gave away cookies she designed using the front cover of her book. Guest talks featured Rosalie Yu, on Knowing Together; a CITED conversation with Lauren Anderson, of Connecticut Collegel on venture capitalism and teacher preparation; panel talk on art and activism, with Student Advocates for the Arts and Advocates for Cultural Exchange; another CITED talk with TC alumni, Ting Yuan and Hui S. Juang on rethinking teacher education partnerships. A timely film talk, Teaching Immigrants in an Era of Exclusion with TC alum Tatyana Klein, was the third collaboration with the Center for Innovation in Teacher Education and one that welcomed our guest speaker back for her fourth event in the library. In addition to posting daily news from around the world, we featured thematic news displays on wide-ranging educational topics, that began with the incorporation of Google (September 4th, 1998) and concluded with the publication of A Christmas Carol (December 19th, 1843), as well as four book collections: for Staff Picks, Award-Winning Children's Books to Read Again and Again, curated by Rachel Altvater, and Homecoming/Coming Home, by Jasmine Sykes-Kunk. Everett Cafe book displays on news-worthy topics showcased Eagle and Bear: Something More Than Intelligence (United States-Russian Relations) and Dear Mr. Gerry: Meandering Into Elections (in preparation for midterms). Exhibits curated by Edlab included the 2018 Library Performance Revue, a staff wide interpretation of team and individual work performance; Brave Spaces, a collaboration of Student Activists for the Arts and Advocates for Cultural Exchange; Celebrating Dance Education through Seen in New York; and Knowing Together, by Rosalie Yu. We were wonderfully entertained by a cohort of new student musicians performing a variety of styles and genres who responded to our call early in the semester: Julianne Cary, bluesy folk; N Train, jazzy pop, Eliana and Nico church-inspired folk and pop, Laura Head, sweet ukele; and Rebecca Pu, traditional Chinese pipa, and also enjoyed the return of our longest-running ensemble, Wadsworth Strings, a classical group led by Columbia University and Juilliard graduate Vivian Penham. Attendees gathered to listen on the steps and in the atrium at peak hours when performances were scheduled each week. Self-guided learning reflects content created on blogs (for events, displays, and news), in rhizr (orientations and workshops), and through vialogues (e.g. Knight-Manual book talk), as well as via the news to regularly highlight databases in support events, programs, and offerings (September: Key Resources for Research; October: National Book Month, November: Self-Directed LearningDecember: Universal Design). Children's art is indeed inspirational, and so are all the participants in the Gottesman Libraries Education Program. Maybe one day we'll return to the Old Country (Ireland or, better yet, the United Kingdom, a long way to go), but for now we offer sincerest thanks for the many shared experiences in our 120th Street glen. Raven's_Craig_Glen_Ayreshire_Scotland          
Education Program Fall 2018 Offerings Attendees
Talks 12 326
     Book 7 166
     Guest 4 125
     Film 1 35
Instructional 65 498
     Tours 10 54
     Workshops 19 444
     Online Discussions 1 n/a
     Self Guided 23 n/a
Live Musical Performances 12 n/a
Displays & Exhibits 24 n/a
     Special News 16 n/a
     Regular News n/a
     Book Collections 4 n/a
     Installations - Gallery 4 n/a
Total 101 824