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Sep 01 2018 - 12:42pm
To Summer 2018, Sincerely
  Water_Bird_LargeDear Summer, it's hard to know where you went, but you did, rather slowly, like the steam rising and dissipating from the bike path after an August rain. There were cyclists in Central Park that day -- many of them tourists, who, despite the heat, pedaled hard the big loop, only to stop half way up and catch a breath or two on the big hill near the North Woods, saying it's been much too a long time... You graciously gave us weeks to test out exciting things at the library — a new website, Ask a Librarian service, mobile approom booking system, not to mention The 2018 Library Performance Revue, a staff-wide art exhibit. If you represent youth, what better time to play with new tools and opportunities, as bigger ideas happened full-steam ahead in the Smith Learning Theater! We returned appealing, small-scale events and activities, perhaps after lemonade or iced tea, while Teachers College intensives rolled out in glorious tangent — Literacy Unbound, Hollingworth Science Camp, and the Reading-Writing Project. Some students stayed on, others left, but our wheels in Russell Hall kept spinning, longer days into shorter nights. We made it through, light as a water bird, here throughout. Yours, in appreciation, we highlight the season's offerings of the Education Program:

~Workshops addressing research needs and topics of continuing relevance to the Teachers College community: Research Tools and Tips, Be the Detective, Money, Money, Money!, Academic Integrity, What's Fair: The ABC's of Copyright, Course Reserves

~ Relevant databases supporting current offerings of the College - Resources for Alumni, Creative Technologies, English Teacher Education, Art of Performance. Other self guided learning resources included updated orientations (Introduction to the Library and About Doctoral Research) and research workshops on rhizr and blogs about displays, current events and other topics on Learning at the Library.

~News Displays featuring daily curations of headlines from around the works, as well as weekly topics of broad educational interest: Plessy versus Ferguson; Leta Hollingworth; Common Core; World Environment Day; Stars and Stripes; Summer Solstice; First Newbery Medal; Amelia Earhart; Live Aid Concert; Rosetta Stone; Race to the Top; Ignatius of Loyola; Hiroshima; Woodstock; Redcoats; Edison's Kinetograph

~Music sounding the recurring notes of Melissa Shetler, jazz singer; Ann Teed, folk guitarist; Wadsworth Strings, classical ensemble; and Shane Bordeau Trio, jazz trio.

~Staff Picks curated monthly: How to Survive Being a Teenager, prescribing favorite works of young adult literature; The School Building, highlighting the history, philosophy and design of our nation's schools; Dear Summer: Letters in Letters in Literature, exploring the epistolary novel

~Everett Cafe book displays meeting hot topics in our political age:  What's Real in the Media?, fake news; Oceans of Plastic, marine pollution; Bear and Eagle, Russia-United States relations

~Exhibits curated by the Design Team presenting archival resources with a modern twist : The Art of Living, by Ziv Schneider; Composing a City: What's Your Landscape?, select works from the Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Collection, Federico Castellon Memorial Print Collection, Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art; and The 2018 Library Performance Revue, with a play upon "review" (only after the mid-August launch did I realized the immediacy of correcting the posters and news announcements!)

P.S. The Gottesman Libraries Education Program informs students, faculty and staff about the latest thinking in education, in ways that engage members of the community with one another and with a broad range of educational experts. The program also provides understanding of work being done throughout the College. P.P.S.  Looking forward, as always, to the 2018-2019 academic year. The_Bicycle_Ziegfeld              
Education Program Summer 2018
Instructional            34
     Workshops              5              31
     Self Guided            29            n/a
Live Musical Performances              5            n/a
Displays & Exhibits           99
     Special News            16            n/a
     Regular News            74            n/a
     Staff Picks              3            n/a
     Everett Cafe Book Collections              3
     Installations - Gallery              4            n/a
Total          139              31
Images: The Water Bird (circa 1955), by Bruno Perathoner, The Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art. Courtesy of Teachers College, Columbia University. The Bicycle (circa 1955), by Michele Dohet, The Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art. Courtesy of Teachers College, Columbia University.