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Oct 23 2017 - 09:30 AM
After Totality: Education Program: Summer 2017
Lincoln_School_Rooftop_PlayAugust 21, 2017 ushers in a field trip to the Russell rooftop, where we, equipped with cereal box viewers, pinhole projects, or special glasses, wait with bated breath. The new Moon is set to pass between the Earth and Sun, casting its umbra, or darkest part of the shadow, on Earth. Although we are not lucky enough to be in the path of totality, we experience a little of this great phenomenon, and observe on this gray, overcast day, just a little less light. As the mid-afternoon sky darkens in the minutiae a few days past the close of the 2016-17 academic year, we are content to stop and wonder at science and, by the steady hum of the College's chiller unit, we also quite wonder where the summer went… In addition to the Total Solar Eclipse, highlights include two guest talks co-sponsored by the Department of Curriculum and Teaching: Discourses of Educational Futures and the Subjugated and Disqualified Knowledges of Learning, with Valerie Harwood, from the University of Sydney, and Immigration and the Migrant Crisis, with Roberta Seret, President and Founder of International Cinema Education, an NGO at the United Nations. Discussion delves into a host of timely topics: educational injustices, the global immigration crisis, educational futures, the application of social marketing, and other ways to raise awareness and learning -- a first step in social progress. Instruction brings a few library tours, including an annual visit by the Peace Corps Fellows, and orientation for TC Urban Leaders, as well as seminal research workshops to support our students, faculty, and staff: Information Superhighway, Who’s Citing Whom?, Archival Research, Who Holds the Purse Strings?, Curriculum Corner, and Operating Course Reserves. The Everett Café Music Program hosts live performances by TC student musicians: Melissa Shetler, Kambujo, Nakami, Shane Bordeau and Enrico Zanardo, Dulce Tones, Ann Teed, George Nicholson, Randolph Scott McLaughlin, and our longest running professional group, Wadsworth Strings, coordinated by Vivian Penham, graduate of Juillard.Curtis's_botanical_magazine_(Plate_3466)_(8043228876) Displays boast Staff Picks – curated collections of great books on seasonal and educational topics (Sea Creatures, presented by Wynn Scarlett; Pride; by Rachel Altvater, Alexandra Friedman, Lorraine LaPrade, and Hadley Todoran; and Unconventional Beach Reads, by Kaitlin Kehnemuyi), while the Everett Café News presents Unbound: Remixing the Classics, complimenting the Teachers College Literacy Unbound program – a collaboration between the Program in English Education and the Gottesman Libraries that culminates in an immersive reinterpretation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in the Smith Learning Theater, officially due to open in October. Daily news is curated from Newseum for display in the Everett Café, while special news features weekly educational topics from an historical lens (via Proquest Historical Newspapers): May Day, Dust Storm!, Brown v. Board of Education, Big Ben, World Environment Day, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Summer Solstice, Blondin Crosses Niagara, Founding of the Salvation Army, Dreams from My Father, Burr-Hamilton Duel, U.N. Charter, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Christopher Robin, and Hurricane Katrina. Self-guided resources include featured monthly databases, May through August (Resources for Alumni, Gender, Immigration, Reading & Writing) that tie in with library offerings. In preparation for the new academic year, we launch a series of workshops on rhizr and develop, at the request of the Office of Student Activities, September orientation materials for both new and doctoral students. A fresh academic year will be fast upon us, with great anticipation and much in store! Bryson_Library_Summer              
Education Program Summer 2017
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