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Jan 25 2017 - 05:38 PM
10 Weeks of Neurodynamic Lunch Hour with Dr. Ted Dimon
Yesterday was the first in a ten-week series of lunch hour workshops with Dr. Ted Dimon, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology at Teachers College. His "Neurodynamic Lunch Hours," from 12:30 - 1:30PM in our library in Russell Hall, are making a comeback this year. At yesterday's lunch hour (snacks and beverages welcome), we watched a short video clip from the 13-part BBC documentary series, "Ascent of Man" (1973). The clip showed an infant crawling and standing (natural movement), and an adult man running on a track (willed flight response). We discussed certain aspects of posture, the natural curvature of the spine, understanding the difference between pain and undoing of muscular tension. We did an activity called "constructive rest" where you lie down with books under your head, knees up, allowing the ground and books to support your body and head/neck. During the exercise, we were told to actively work on releasing muscle tension, paying attention to areas of particular tightness. The semi-supine activity allows for a more elongated spine. Done regularly, the impact is noticeable. I definitely felt lighter when I got up!   Constructive Rest Afterward, we stood with knees slightly bent to show the relationship between the spine when the knees are bent versus straightened. It was a simple lesson to show how we compress our natural spinal curvature during everyday activities -- like standing. To learn more about YOUR body, check out the full schedule for the next nine Neurodynamic Lunch Hours on the library events page.
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