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Jan 15 2017 - 08:00pm
Home and Hearth: Fall 2016 Education Program Highlights
In the other gardens And all up the vale, From the autumn bonfires See the smoke trail! -- Robert Louis Stevenson, "Autumn Fires", A Child's Garden of Verses [caption id="attachment_26026" align="alignleft" width="150"] "Fairy Figures Round a Camp Fire," by Paula Ahti, Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art[/caption]

Inspiring "autumn fires" celebrate the work of our faculty, staff, and students -- work which kindles the spirit of teaching and learning and feeds the program of events sponsored by the Gottesman Libraries. It is a collaborative series of talks, instructional opportunities, live musical performances, and eclectic displays and exhibits, held in support of the diverse needs and interests of the Teachers College community. Enlightening library services, the semester is marked, both by exciting new offerings, and the complimentary return of speakers and educational occurrences. We look back, and also forward, as the Spring semester commences. On these cold gray January days, smoke curls from the chimney, like a genii out of a bottle.

We highlight what's new. The Career Development Program is a hands-on series of professional workshops co-sponsored by the Department of Arts and Humanities, and presented by faculty members Chris Barron, Mary Hafeli, Ansley Erickson, and others. A paranormal investigation, or special tour, conducted by Vincent Garbone and Kim Kefgen on Halloween, takes participants through the College's most clandestine spaces to divulge lesser known, intriguing historical facts. The Everett Cafe music program introduces new student talent: jazz vocalists Melissa Shetler and Linda Flores, Himalayan inspired Noah Teachey, and the new, festive TC Vocal Ensemble. A film series brings award winning education documentaries, The Road to Teach and Rise above the Mark, for discussion. We host a live stream of Jill Biden's address, part of the anniversary celebration of the Teachers College Community College Research Center. We also host the first student curated book display in Everett: World as Classroom, by Chiara Fuller, preceded by Dreaming wth Smart Machines. Vialogues, or online discussions, of sponsored events --among them, Making the Unequal Metropolis, with Ansley Erickson; We Are an African People, with Russell Rickford; and Handbook of Research on Mobile Learning, with Dominic Mentor and Contributors -- are curated and promoted through the library's news feed. What else? With thanks to the Edlab design team, there is an Everett Cafe installation on campaign music, with free distribution of Donald and Hillary biographies -- prompting us to consider the political issues, take a  stand, and vote. In Harmony with Dow: Art, Harmony, and Mindfulness is a fun, participatory Offit Gallery exhibit that encourages us to think about the elements of design and color ... and, with a penchant for pastels, I confess to coloring now and again ...between hosted events!

[caption id="attachment_26087" align="alignright" width="150"]Kindergarte Room Showing Fireplace. Teachers College, Historical Photographs Kindergarten Room Showing Fireplace. Teachers College, Historical Photographs of Teachers College[/caption]

We sincerely thank all those who come back, and for whom the library is hearth and home. Evelin Lindner brings gifts from her world travels -- tokens of the beauty of her work in the most war torn and distraught of human places, and speaks about her forthcoming book, Honor, Humilation, and Terror (World Dignity University Press). En route to the NCSS Annual Conference in D.C., Audrey Osler stops in NYC to discuss full-heartedly, Human Rights and Schooling (Teachers College Press). Dominic Mentor invites co-contributors to respond to Mobile Learning in Contemporary Classrooms (IGI), as he busily prepares his course syllabi, before a stop in his native South Africa. Beginning with puppetry, alumna Leslie Schmerler leads a full day's workshop on the New York Foundling's Child Abuse Prevention Program (CAPP) Professional Training. Chords and notes waft through Russell Hall, with live musical performances by folk guitarist Ann Teed; jazz musicians Nakami and Randolph, and our longest running classical group, Wadsworth Strings. What's more, Abby, beloved dog therapist, is never short of licks as she settles happily back into the Zen Garden to cheer up students. Thank you, students (and readers, too), for visiting!

What returns? The components of the Education Program (talks, music, displays) stay steady and strong, including workshops which re-address topics of continuing relevance: research methodology; the lit review, grants; K-12 resources, copyright, cited reference searching, orientations for international students, cultural conflicts and criminalization in the classroom) and the monthly promotion of databases that coincide with campus happenings. We hear an insightful panel of Africanists on advocacy for human rights, organized through the George Clement Bond Center for African Education. So, who and what will be back in the Spring? Stay tuned for the Neurodynamic Lunch Hour, with Ted Dimon, and the workshop series, Engaging the Disengaged Student, with Joseph Mathews. There is live music in store, book talks galore, films to come, news on the run, and much more. Starbucks brews over Black. Smoke signals the city, our garden -- the College is our vale. When summoned the spirt, granted is the wish. [caption id="attachment_26029" align="alignleft" width="150"] "Fireworks," by Awad Aly Sheraf, Ziegfeld Collection of International Children's Art[/caption]              
Education Program Fall 2016 Offerings Attendees
     Book 9 328
     Guest 2 70
     Film 2 13
     Tours 11 100
     Workshops 12 250
     Online Discussions 5 n/a
     Self Guided 22 n/a
Live Musical Performances 10 n/a
Displays & Exhibits
     Special News 16 n/a
     Regular News 76 n/a
     Book Collections 2 n/a
     Installations - Gallery 3 n/a
Total 170 761
Images, Courtesy of Teachers College, Columbia University: