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Sep 27 2016 - 06:30pm
Education Program: Summer 2016
Last summer we reflected on moving walls; well, summer 2016 brought an even greater, necessary reduction of programming, due to ongoing construction of the fourth floor Learning Theater and closure of the first floor which received a ceiling sprinkler system - now ready to dowse books, equipment, and furnishings in the unfortunate event of a fire. From our temporary quarters on the second floor, we planned select events and offerings, and delivered them in library rooms on the floor above, to the occasional tune of hammers and drills. We also created virtual space to promote the services and resources of the library. A few summer highlights of the Education Program include:
  • concise tours and useful workshops entitled: Research: Finding Your Way; Show Me the Money; Who's Citing Whom?; Curriculum Corner; Theater Talk; and Historical Research: A Detective's Trail
  • the transition of the special news displays on educational topics to Learning at the Library's Today in History, for ease in reading and informative tips on using the  library's collections
  • steady continuation of the Cafe News Program, in which staff curated 10 English language front pages from around the world, each day, for eye-catching display on the large screen
  • curated online discussions of the successful book talks, Art Museum Education, with Olga Hubard, and Why Muslim Women Are Re-interpreting the Qu'ran and Rethinking Hadith, with Nimat Hafez Barazangi
  • monthly promotion of scholarly resources reflective of  areas relevant to the work of the College: "Family and Community"; "Theater and Education"; "In the News"
  • planning for programing in the Learning Theater, with performance-based book talks and workshops emanating from the work of the Education Program (stay tuned)
  • Seen in New York's "Summer in the City", an upbeat installation in the Kasser Family Exhibition Space, that livened the first floor, and an extension of the more formal exhibit, Historical Portraits: Restored Oil Paintings
  • interesting book displays that tied in history, theater, and education: Lessons from the Gilded Age, in Everett Cafe, and The Theater, curated by John Hume and featured as "Staff Picks" on the second floor
  • participation in the Edlab Rats' summer intern program, including a fictional video shoot involving stolen paintings from the Offit Gallery, third floor -- part of the pilot, Library 101, an instructional offering for new students
  • participation in a mock interview for Library 101 which utilized iPads and cameras in opposite classrooms to probe the thoughts and aspirations of Teachers College members
Water_Lily Associated with rebirth and optimism, a water lily signifies the new semester and all good things ahead, as we anticipate the return of sponsored events and the many rewarding collaborations between the Gottesman Libraries and Teachers College community. It just so happens that this beautiful flower is my login icon, telling in more ways than one...  
Summer 2016 Offerings Attendees
   Tours 3 7
   Workshops 11 25
   Online Discussions 2  n/a
   Self Guided 3  n/a
Displays & Exhibits
   Special News 11 n/a
   Regular News 66 n/a
   Book Collections 2 n/a
   Installations - Gallery 2 n/a
Total 100 32