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Dec 31 2015 - 12:00 PM
Fall 2015 Room Report
Last fall, the Gottesman Libraries was honored to host to a lot of events organized by our students, faculty, and staff. In total, 897 patrons booked 4,974 rooms on behalf of 26,471 participants for a total of 12,167.5 hours. Those hours were full of 1,514 study sessions, 41 tutoring meetups, 77 dissertation preps and defenses, 106 interviews, 45 conference calls, and 1 viewing of a VHS tape. Students made 57% of our room reservations (thank you, students!). patron_pie Of course, when I say "booked 4,974 rooms" I mean "booked 12 rooms 4,974 times."  Here's a look at how that number breaks down. In Fall 2015, the top four rooms by total events were medium-capacity, allowing 5 to 8 participants. Room 203 held 591 events, the most of any of our rooms. Classroom 305 held 189 events, still not a bad number for a room that seats 35. events And as you might expect, the total number of hours in each room tracks pretty well with the event counts, in quality if not quantity. You might also have noticed that the total hours booked falls slower than total events booked, indicating that our least-booked rooms tend to host the longest duration events. The average event in room 305 lasted 3.8 hours. Compare that with an average duration of 1.9 hours in room 102. hours As in the past, our high capacity classrooms have the advantage when it comes to driving headcount. Room 306 alone accounted for over 18% of our total seats reserved (4,970 seats). Counting rooms 305 and 306 together makes 8,159 reserved seats making up just over 30% of the total. seats Be sure to post your room traffic insights in the comments!