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May 14 2014 - 01:30pm
By Design: Highlighting the Spring Education Program

D esign is the theme for Socrates.

Death, strengthflame,  friend, home, if you please!

Fine topics equate,

As we ponder our fate --

Philosopher, growing minds he believes!

* * * * * *

E very book talks in the Library.

Dear reader, be sure not to tarry!

Global or leader,

It couldn’t be sweeter,

Has Moses the cream on the cherry!

* * * * * *

S peakers from all over the College,

Delve into deep vats of knowledge, Of writing or quilting, Neurodynamics lifting, Human rights and merit, so acknowledge!

* * * * * *

I nstruction lives solid in Russell,

Lit review and funding, we hustle!

Integrity soars,

Tools and tips, more,

Flexing our brains with muscle.

* * * * *

G ood film projects high in 306,

Never down in the blackness of Styx. E, migrant, re-vised, penguin, Outlook is nicely sanguine, With great teachers all in the mix!

* * * * *

N ews newly hung in our café,

Child abuse is covered one day,

Guitar Seeger-strutted, Sax, juggling … say whatted?

Voices 200 and Kids have their say!

* * * * * *

Thank you, to all who peruse Highlights of Spring and our news! Fond of Limerick, Join now her picnic. In Summer, lovely Summer, we muse! * * * * * King John's Castle, Limerick, from Virtual Tourist

Education Program Spring 2014 Offerings Attendees
Book Talks 8 122
Film Talks 4 140
Guest Talks 21 437
Instructional Offerings 18 143
Socratic Conversations 5 95
Musical Performances 11 n/a
News Displays 15 n/a
Exhibitions 2 n/a
Total 84 937