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Sep 16 2013 - 09:51 PM
Call for DJ's: Now Receiving Applications
"Oh, uh, oh, I heard it on the radio....." (Ross Lynch) Are you... or do you want to be a dj? Let us come and see your show, and let the good times go on n' on! We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Everett Cafe music program to include the art of the disc jockey. We invite TC students who are or wish to be dj's to share the music they love and develop their capacities as artists. Not limited to contemporary dance, we'll experiment with classical, jazz, R&B, swing, and other forms to suit a wide variety of musical tastes. Our dj program will take place on the second floor of the library and include support for equipment and assessment of performances. We'll contribute ideas for the library's new Learning Theater, staying tuned. --- "If I had to play only for people who liked the music because they heard it on the radio, it wouldn't make me happy. That's why I'm working so hard to have, yes, a profile as an artist, but also a profile as a DJ." --David Geutta (from BrainyQuote) "I've always wanted to be a DJ so I could play the music I love for other people. That feeling hasn't changed, but my sets are always evolving. In terms of tailoring to a specific crowd, certainly I do play differently depending on the situation. It's a different feel, for example, in a small club versus a festival." (Tiesto, from BrainyQuote) DJ Application Performances by DJ’s are supported in partnership with the Teachers College community. The DJ program seeks to promote the development of artists and their interpretation of a wide variety of musical tastes for enjoyment by members and affiliates of the College. DJ performances will take place on the second floor of the library and include support for equipment and assessment of performances. We offer a simple 2-speaker set up, with the ability to use inputs for 1/8", 1/4", or XLR. Please submit your answers to the questions below using our online support system: Library staff will review this application and contact you within 1-2 weeks. 1. Name/Email/Phone: 2. DJ’s Statement/Bio (max. 500 words): 3. Proposed additional details for our event announcement (with appropriate links and/or html if applicable): 4. Description of genre(s) & musical pieces (if possible, send us links to musical samples): 5. How could your performance benefit the Teachers College community and its diverse interests? (max. 500 words): 6. Applicant's TC/CU Status, if applicable (Are you a student, alumni, faculty, or academic professional? What’s your Program or focus?): 7. List of some previous performances, affiliations, awards, etc.: 8. Preferred Date/time (DJ performances will be scheduled weekly, on Mondays through Thursdays, at 4-5pm, 5-6pm, or 6-7pm.):